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Peterborough Indoor Soccer League - Mens Over 35yrs Recreational Indoor Soccer League in Peterborough Ontario
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  Welcome to Peterborough Men's Over 35yr Indoor Soccer League

This league was started for the soul purpose of playing soccer for fun, this is a recreational indoor soccer league for men over 35yrs old, which is organized by; and run by soccer players.

League Extension
We will be extending the league an additional 7 weeks from March 25th to May 6th 2016 this year, as always there will be no refs or scores kept on the website or on the scoreboard.

Please remember you cannot pickup players if you have enough to make a team except a goal keeper, it is not fair to the guys who want more play time if you pick up players from the sideline when you don't need them.

The cost will be $11.50 per game per player so each player will pay $80 there will be a minimum of 10 players on each team, there is no team fee just a per player fee regardless of how many players on your team, you may have part time players but only above the 10 fully paid minimum otherwise we cannot make the fees.

Any new player will have to fill in a registration form before they can play because of insurance purposes.